Problem importing skp into lumion

Hi guys, I’m having trouble importing an 11 mb file into lumion. It keeps loading forever. Never had a similar problem even with huge files. Any idea why? Appreciate your help

What happens if you try with a small file? Does it work then?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

What operating system? What graphics card? Complete your forum profile.

It imports with no problem with smaller files. However this file isnt importing. I must admit this file is very messed up as its a draft.
Here are my pc specs

Put the computer operating system and graphics card model in your forum profile.

Share the .skp file so we can see if there’s something about it that is causing problems with Lumion.

wall elevator draft 1.skp (11.2 MB)

43 million polygons is quite large, even though its only 11+ mb in size. Did this come from Revit originally? I can see that you have even the nuts and bolts modeled. Not sure what the limitations Lumion may have if any - but if you’re able to get a file that’s optimized for SketchUp, I imagine that will help.

Check out what Lumion suggests re: simplifying your model -

Hey eric, thank you for the help.
Nothing from revit. I just downloaded some models from 3d warehouse. Not sure what I’m supposed to do to simplify the file. Ive purged unused with no help

Delete the details you don’t need.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a model as small as yours that is so sluggish because of all the excess geometry.

I also found a fair amount of incorrect tag usage and some stuff to purge but you would help yourself out a great deal by using slimmer content from the Warehouse. Looks like Eric’s got you sorted so I’ll knock off.

Screenshot - 9_25_2023 , 5_09_25 PM
Screenshot - 9_25_2023 , 5_10_18 PM

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I would start with using Tags to organize your model. It will make your life easier when you want to freeze or edit some of the higher poly geometry that may not need to be shown all the time or at all.

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Thank you so much. Will do so

Thank you so much!

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your problem seems to be the column. It’s nearly 10 mil polys alone. Neither SU nor Lumion needs or likes that much detail.

You could make your own column in just a few mins. See example of a simplied version that is only ±6k polys. Big difference!

Column.skp (56.3 KB)


You’re right. I’ll be using the column you uploaded. Much appreciated!

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