Large File Exporting

Hello. I designed a neighborhood including in room designs (furnitures etc) in SketchUp. I am trying to export it to lumion program for rendering. But when I tried to import it from Lumion, lumion is freezing and stops working. I tried smaller file, they works fine.

Here is my question; how can I change my project for successfully importing on other programs? For example can I reduce file size (300 mb now) or merge all objects to one?

My PC: i7 6700k 16gb ddr4 ram gtx 970 4gb

There are a few ways you can reduce file size. The best way to reduce file size it to model smartly from the beginning. Assuming you do not want to remodel anything, there are two simple ways to clean things up a bit.

The first way is to use the purge unused option in the Statistics section in the model info window. This should get rid of any unused assets that may have made their way in to the file while you were creating it. The next thing I would recommend would be the cleanup³ extension by ThomThom (Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse). This extension is a more aggressive way to clean up a model so be sure to back up your file before you use it.

If you are willing to do a bit more modeling, you can reduce file size by using components for objects that repeat in your model. You can save even more space by reducing the number of sides that you generate with the circle tool when you create a circle. This is especially helpful if you plan on using a Push/Pull or Follow Me tool, as it will reduce the number of faces created later on. Finally you can save on space by only importing what you need from the 3D Warehouse. There are many highly detailed quality models on the warehouse, sometimes you do not need all the details that a component comes with. Do not be afraid to strip out excess detail you do not need.

If you are willing to upload a few screenshots of your model or better yet, share it via a dropbox so I can look at it in a more detailed manner, I might be able to make a few more suggestions.

Hello. Firstly, thanks for your answer. I tried things that you mentioned above. (cleanup, purge etc) But still getting same issue. If you don’t mind, can you briefly look my project?

Here is skechtup file : Dropbox - 08.08.2016.skp - Simplify your life

I have not had a chance to look through the entire model yet but I have noticed you have a massive amount of raw geometry that could be made into components. The next thing I noticed was all the components that you have inside your building. If you need all that detail you should clean up some of the components you are using. Not everything has to be ultra detailed. If you do not need the furniture, scrap it. I will keep looking and see if I can find anything else that you might be able to re-work to shrink the file size.

After takin the past hour to take a more in depth look at the file, I can say that the biggest thing that you can do to shrink the file size would be to reduce the complexity and number of components you are using. I would strongly suggest that you pay careful attention to what you are importing into your model, too many high detail components will slow down any computer and create a bloated file.

I know this is an old topic, I would just like to add something if someone stumbles upon this (as I did).
CaseyG, making components is indeed a very good practice, and it will for sure lighten sketchup file.
However, mrblythe here had problem with Lumion, and in that case, it will not matter at all if your geometry is exploded, groups or components, polygon is polygon as far as Lumion sees it, and it can ony be helped by deleting something.

Dear Sir(s):

I have a similar problem like above, though it’s old long. I’m working with a model consisting around 260 Numbers of B+G+10 storied similar type buildings in 4 blocks. I have created 4 blocks around 50-70 buildings per blocks and kept on the base Road and building allocation places exactly. Finally, I was able to read the whole plan with 260 numbers buildings together in Sketchup it’s around 140MB total in size. In Sketchup, it’s running OK but little bit slow while trying to modify or minor changes. But in Lumion 6.0, I can’t import the SKP file, which containing whole plan with buildings. I can only read the base plan specially roads and building allocations places. I’ve also tried to import individual building blocks separately, but in-vain. Lomion become Stuckup and after a long time it shows memory issue.

I’ve tried every tools to reduce the building models per block it is around 6 MB size and rest into base block. total size now contains around 140 MB.

Please suggest.

Golam Mohammad Arif