Reduce a file in size

Hi i have a model which i need to reduce in size,it is for The Burj Kalifa and has some specific detail i need on so have built the model from the Architects DWG, my problem is that i need to use the model in a Lighting program called WYSIWYG and unfortunately my Sketchup model is to large.I have purged and cleaned some of the redundant facias as well as remove the original DWG i modelled from,but my model is 101mb,is there anyway i can reduce it or a plugin that wil help reduce the file size thanks Svend


use components and instances of them for recurring parts as much as you can.

purge unused data of the model by “Window > Model Info > Statistics”.

do further cleaning with ThomThoms fine CleanUp³ extension (TT_Lib² runtime library req.).


Hi Norbert
thanks for replying, i have purged and tried to remove as many of the surfaces not needed but no real loss in size, i have also tried to instal the two ruby files you noted and both occasions sketch up says it can’t install hmm
you mentioned using instances would this need to be done from the start of the model or can it be done after the build

For Instances, like a piller, furniture, etc. You can make one now, and go around your file to delete the other ones. So, ideally you do that at the start, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it now, you just need to delete old groups. Alternatively, you can explode one group (example a chair), make it into a component called “Chair”, go to the next group, explode, make into a component called “Chair” again and when it asks you to replace, you say yes. It’s kinda of a long process, there are plugins that can allows you to make groups into components faster.
Also, for if your file it too large, you can change your curves to less sides (circle default at 24) to 12 or 16, etc.
That’s all I got.

Hi thanks for getting back with your suggestions very helpful,i think the only way is to start again and try to bear in mind using components more, there are a lot of structural parts that are the same so will do that,I did try and explode the elements but have only succeeded in making the file larger oops
thanks again

• Components : Help Article | Video Tutorial
• Plugin Installation: Help Article | SCF

and move your model near to the origin too which reduces the coordinate values (= size).


After you explode the group, you’ll have to remake it into a component.
Good luck!

Thanks for the help Norbert
much appreciated

indeed thanks again for help lets start the long road again

+1 This! ThomThom’s CleanUp³ extension is awesome! Great interface. Expected results. It has always just worked for me. I love it.

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hi thanks for the help Norbert suggested this i could not get the Ruby file to install on this machine but have had success on another and have got it going the clock as it stands it at 53 hours and counting so will just leave it to run and see what happens fingers crossed thanks again

I read in another thread recently that the OP had used ThomThom’s Component Replacer plugin to good effect, to turn exploded individual geometry into components and vastly reduced the file size…

And also, i had one model that reached 90mb because i hadn’t used groups or components at all… I scrpped it and started again, much cleaner, and the new replacement of the old model looks the same, but is only 7mb… It can be better to start over sometimes, and i promise it takes far less time second time around

Hi thanks for those very encouraging words as start out it sounds like i have done exactly what you did,slightly disappointed in myself as a user for well lets just say before google owned it. I really should be more aware of using components and groups,lets just say lesson learned this time there are reason these attributes exist
thanks again for joining in and helping with words of wisdom i shall try out the other plugin you mentioned and who knows may be get model down to use in WYSIWYG

Is it possible you can post the problem model. You may not be able to post in this forum because it has a max file limit but you can post to a file sharing site like drop box and then post the url link here so it can then be down loaded.
It is my sense from reading the above you are going to more effort than necessary to get you model size down. Reducing geometry is difficult and reduction in size is usually just a few MB to 10’s of MB. Many times bloated model size is caused by material usage and if so large reductions are possible. Before deciding on what is to be done one needs to understand what is causing the bloated size. I would not use groups at all since they give virtually zero advantage vs components. Groups / componets isolate geometry while layers control their visibility. There are plugins for converting to components on a bulk basis but will not save a lots of MB
Is it possible to run your lighting program piecemeal layers can be used to control only section you are analyzing??
Just some thoughts?

Hello Mac 7595
Firstly sorry for delay in replying been away with work,more than happy to share the model with you, and all help would be gatefold accepted here is the dropbox link
feel free to have a look and see what you can find
thanks s and look forward to seeing if there is a way

Hello Svend,
The (real world) building was constructed of repetitive modular components.
You need to approach constructing a 3D model the same way.

All the arrow shaped mullions could have been one component; the instances scaled to length as needed.
Instead they are modeled individually and with far more detail the necessary.
The resulting mass of tiny geometry is why the file is bloated and the model performs so poorly.

See: How do I make SketchUp run faster? — SketchUp Sage Site


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Quick look result:
Good news you have used groups and components, the bad news no layers.
Many of the grouped entities appear to same so candidate for replacing all with a single component…
Since light study will be done with external rendering the material use is not contributing to any major size load. Once the layer use is under control and the excessive use of groups are under control think model should be quite functional for you. It will take some time today to fix problems. Guess max file size reduction in range of 10 20 MB

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Hi Geo
Thanks for getting in touch with the advice very helpful, i shall indeed try to construct it that way have a few,been using sketchup for quite a few years but never really had to worry about file size and to construct things were this was an issue so doing my home work now on components, It has been most useful to get great feedback and explanations as to where im going wrong thanks again much appreciated

Hey Mac 7595
is there any way you could point me as to where i can learn more about the issues you raised or how to achieve them,
i have used sketchup for quite a few years and have always managed to achieve great results but never had to worry about file size,so i know im not doing it in the best way i like to say i have a solution but not necessarily the best one
in this case, any guidance would be great or if there are examples that can help
thanks again for the explanations

The link Geo. posted above
And the 2008 base camp working with large models

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