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You model size is primarily driven by geometry, using layers can help for modeling ( orbit, pan etc.) but even modest model size reduction is not looking good without some major effort => getting poly count down probably redraw of the mullions and the façade.
The existing model size is about 95 to 97 MB is that ok ?

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Hello Svend,

When viewed in perspective the building appears quite complex.
However, plan view reveals it is a radial array of symmetric elements varying only in height.
Modeling components of these repetitive elements enables you to exploit their symmetry to great advantage.

Model a component of only one half of each major building element.
Copy and Mirror the component to create the whole building element.
Rotate/Array the two instances of the component to complete that segment of the building.

Then recall, scaling a component instance from outside does not alter the component definition.
Thus, one component definition will serve to create all the various height elements.
Simply scale the component instances from outside to establish their individual heights.

The primary reason the file is bloated is the complex mass of tiny geometry in the mullions.
That, in turn, makes the model perform very poorly.

If all the mullions have the same profile; then one component mullion will suffice for the entire model.
Endeavor to keep the mullion geometry as simple as possible. Model only the visible parts.
It might be best to start with the simplest of profiles.
When the model is complete you can edit the component definition to achieve the level of detail you need.

See this model file for ideas: Mullion.skp (651.7 KB)


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This is great thanks so much for the pointers and assistance,i shall have a go and redraw using the info you have given
thanks for you time svend


Hi Geo
thanks so much for the in depth help, i shall start a redraw and try to incorporate all you have said and at the same time learn to be more selective about grouping and mirroring the elements,thank you so much for taking the time to look at the model and offer such great advice,big learning curve,Thanks again


If you have not found it yet take a look at the widows=> outliner. You can select one of the mid-mull components, and then with plugin all the other instances. You will find the total model has only about 624 of those mostly at about the bottom 1/3 plus they are not distributed even in the model there. The rest of the model shows the mull as just primitive geometry and there are 100,000s ( SWAG) if not many more in your model. I do not recall of any easy batch way to fix that hope someone does.
Is your ultimate plan to make a large percentage of the buiding glass. If so if and it is set as transparent then you will increased the render load on you model considerably ??


Hi Mac7595
thank you so much for the help just to let you know model is down to 1.6mb with all the advice you gave me thanks again svned


Hi Geo
thanks again for the help got the model down to 1.6mb after all advice with groups and components thanks again


Hi guys. I have a similar situation. Im doing some interiour and I have imported many objects. My file was about 150 MB, until a hour before, when I imported an object of 200MB (i didnt check it before importing), and after that the sketchup crushed… Anyway Autosave saved my work but too hard to open the file now had become 680 MB, :S :S…
I opened the file very hard, deleted the problematic object, and saved the file again. The file now works a little bit better but the size still says 680`MB and its too slow when autosaving, or opening something, etc.
Any sugestions?? If I try CleanUp, am I going to lose quality of objects? Thanks :slight_smile:


clean up should only delete things that are not currently being used in the model, such as component definitions, materials, and images. It should not affect anything else.


Purge unused from Model info/Statistics.

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