File Size and Not Responding Message

Is there a way to reduce file size? I have files linked in and still I’m at 24.6 MB and the program isn’t running. Updated my memory, graphics card, solid state hard drive, and it still is painful to work with. Help

Possibly. In SketchUp, go to Window>Model Info>Statistics. Click on Purge Unused. Save the file. Is there much change in file size?

Another thing to look at is texture image sizes. Did you import large image files as textures? It might be possible to reduce them and lighten up the file.

Sharing the SKP file would help so we can see exactly what you’ve got. Testing the file on other computers might help sort out wheter it’s a file size thing or something system related.

Where would I upload the file?

Due to the size, I’d upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Will that help?

Yup. Hang on.

yes sir

It’s extremely slow to open on my computer. Part of it is the style you have selected. You could change to a faster style (the style thumbnails for the faster ones have a little green clock icon on them.) I purged unused stuff from the file. Eliminated 61 of 219 components, 3 of 15 layers, and 31 of 127 materials.

The folding chair component looks nice but for the application it is way over-modeled. You could simplify that chair quite a lot and see an improvement in performance. Or maybe replace it with a simpler component. The buses could also stand to be simplified.

I’d even simplify the toilets and eliminate the vent stacks as they don’t add anything useful to your model.

I can’t even get this to open. It just freezes SketchUp and forces me to shut down the process.

Yeppers, I knew it was a large file, but I’ve been in the Revit - CAD world for awhile and trying to get back to Sketchup. I didn’t know what my updated machine would handle and I haven’t really done anything with Sketchup since the 2016 release. So, learning. Keep files smaller, good note and teaching. I appreciate the try folks.


After purging unused stuff and replacing the folding chair you had with a much lighter component from the 3D Warehouse, I got the model down to 16.4Mb. I expect there’s more that can be done but it’s not dragging down the computer like it was.

yeah, cool, did you resave the file, could you send/resave the file?

Hang on. I’ll set it up and get you a link.

I also notice you are using layers incorrectly. You need to keep Layer 0 active at all times and keep all edges and faces on Layer 0. Only components/groups get other layer assignments.

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Like @monospaced I couldn’t even open this file. While trying, SketchUp grows enormous (well over 3GB), causing my Mac to become completely unresponsive. Hmm…maybe it’s time to get a computer with more than 8GB of RAM :thinking:

ok, good point, using layers like AutoCAD was my thought. Novice here. Thank you

Just updated, image

Layers in SketchUp are different than in AutoCAD. Needs a different approach. It’s also freeing because you don’t waste time chasing the active layer if Layer 0 is always left as active.

File is uploading to DropBox now.

DaveR, thanks you use sketchup only or other programs?

I mainly use SketchUp and LayOut. No need for anything else anymore.

Here you go: Dropbox - File Deleted