Filesize and slow response, best hardware?

Hi, have a SKP file thats 315MB large, open it takes 1-2 min and Sketchup get not responding some times. Its realy slow response on every thing i do on the drawing. If i add a component thats 40MB on the drawing everything goes realy realy slow. Its a new laptop with i7, Geforce 930MX (2GB RAM), 8GB ram, and SSD disk. Is it possible to get a workstation or a laptop that would manage to work with large files? i have tried it on a pc with Nvidia Quadro P1000, but it’s slow too.

Hello @per.willy.buffelen and welcome to the SU Community Forum.

Before you begin shelling out more cash after already buying a new laptop, you should attempt to optimize your SketchUp files. A file having a size of 315 mb is rather large (and so is a component of 40 mb). The most effective way to get your PC to run more efficiently is to employ appropriate workflow procedures, not buying exotic hardware. Try purging the files to see whether the size can be reduced. Refer to the following link:

How to make SU run faster