Slow performance in Sketchup 2021 Pro

I’m trying to trouble shoot the slow performance in my SketchUp 2021 Pro.
The file size is 53,045kb and is mostly a huge topographic land surface with simple massing models placed on it. Seems rather simple. It’s so slow and sticky trying to move objects around.

According to some of the posts, will I have to reload the program differently?

My Laptop is a powerful workstation. Maybe a little older now from 4 years ago. i7 / 64gb ram / Nvidia RTX 3000 6GB.

Thanks for any help.

Try running CleanUp3 to merge coplanar faces and see if you can simplify the topo geometry. That’s probably where your performance hit is coming from. Make sure you don’t have huge texture images and turn off Profiles in the style. You could share the .skp file so we can look for other potential performance sinks.