Sketchup 'Not Responding'

SU will not load and run a 156mbyt .skp file. The task manager says ‘not responding’. SU will however, load and run smaller .skp files. Task manager reports about 50% of the 16 gbytes of RAM are available. Some suggestions would be appreciated

Hello Steve @stevealbrecht19

The ‘not responding’ message is from the OS.
It doesn’t necessarily mean SU has stopped.

The file may open, be patient and do not allow the system to interrupt with screen saver, sleep and the like.
Nonetheless, an Intel integrated GPU is no substitute for a more capable dedicated graphics card.

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements — SketchUp Help

More detailed info about your system would help us help you.

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Hello George,
Thanks very much for your response. My CPU is an i7-quad core-4ghz. RAM is 16 gbytes DDR4, and the GPU is Intel on a Gigabyte G1 Gaming motherboard. All storage is on various SSDs, 5tbytes worth. It may not be the best system in the world, but it certainly isn’t low end.

The file I am having problems with is only 155 mbytes. Smaller .skp files open and operate just fine.

Perhaps you are correct in that the Intel GPU is inadequate. That said, it has no problems streaming 4K video files to my 4K TV extended desktop, both via HDMI, and ethernet via the router with cast to device.

Thanks again for your help.
Dr. Steve Albrecht

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