Sketchup Pro 2022 frequently stops responding

We have SketchUp Pro 2022. Computer has Windows 11 Pro, 32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM, Intle i9-13900K, nVidia GeFore RTX3060Ti, ASUS Z690 high end motherboard, etc. All hardware appears to be working and the check utility from SketchUp says everything working fine. We keep experiencing “not responding” messages in the program (usually when rotating or moving items in the drawing). RAM usage is between 10 and 13 GB. We updated the nVidia drivers to the latest version (516.94 (August 9, 2022). File sizes are 350 - 500 MB or larger. We have dual monitors both plugged into the nVidia card. Can anyone lend some ideas as to how we can fix this problem as it greatly interferes with our productivity.

Please upload the model so it can be examined.

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I tried uploading the file but got a notification that the file is too large 390 Megs. Most of the files I am working on are around that size. Is there another way to upload something this large?

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Files this size will be very slow whatever the hardware. However, face and edge count, components included, is a better measure of performance.

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Max file size on the forum is around 16 MB.
Larger files can be shared with Dropbox etc.
Make sure you make the file public before posting the link!

To MODS: I work for NVIDIA. You can email me at the address in my profile to confirm. I am not sure if it is possible to change my status for my account so I can post more information to collect logs so that we can look into it?

As for OP, we will need additional logs to look into this. The easiest thing to do when this happens again is to manually collect a crash dump:

  1. When you see the message saying the app is not responding, on your keyboard press Control + Alt + Delete to bring up the Task Manager. Do not do this until you see that message as we are trying to collect what is going on the moment the hang happens.
  2. Search for the Sketchup process and right-click over it
  3. Select “Create a dump file”
  4. This will take a minute or two depending on how large the file is.
  5. Once completed, upload the file to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive.
  6. Share the link to download the file in this thread.

We get those files when someone sends in a bugsplat, and I am fairly sure I would allowed to send those to you.

I will send you an email, and we can chat that way for cases like this one.

@TheGuz we have someone else with your last name here! I wonder if you are related.

If Auto Save is on, this may pause SU for a while when a large file is saved.

Personally I turned this feature off and have developed the habit of saving often (Ctrl-S on PC or Command-S on Mac is real quick to do).

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@colin Thanks. I got your email. And that other user is most definitely not related as I am the only member in my family that is a techie :slight_smile: