Sketchup 2023 / Windows 11

Hi. Let me ask you guys for advice, I have a fairly simple sketchup file of around 250mb. But when I open it on my laptop it goes smoothly. When I started working on a new computer, there was a problem not responding. My specifications have a computer with Intel 19-gen 13 specs, 64GB RAM & VGA RTX 4090
Is there a setup that must be done if there are frequent applications not responding? Both in sketchup and elsewhere
What I’ve tried,

  1. Purge unused material and components
  2. Tried several original 2020-2023 sketchup versions
  3. Tried the nvidia geforce settings in the 3D performance tab in the specific application (sketchup)
  4. Reinstall Windows 10 or 11
    [IMG_4536.MOV - Google Drive]

Did you run the sketchup installer as administrator?

Yes, sir

Can you share the file to check what’s going on?

hello, are you sure it’s not just the autosave ? 250 Mo is quite big for a sketchup model and takes quite some time to save. It is possible that autosaves are disactivated on your laptop but activated (which is set by default every 5 minutes) on the new one.
you did not list it, but have you updated your graphic drivers ?

In my books 250 Mb is insanely complex.


A 250mb file is massive in 3D terms, you must have some crazy geometry going on in there.
When you are placing the section cut , it must be a complex comperation because of the model.

Your CPU useage is on 7% when it is doing something - which suggests you have a 14 core CPU and it is actually performing calculations still.

You just need to wait until it’s finished - it’s saying not responding because it is doing work.
But also, you need to optimise your model.

Drop the file in via google and I’m sure someone can take a look.

if OP says it runs smoothly on a laptop, I suspect there must be something wrong somewhere, to explain why it doesn’t on a brand new high-end desktop computer

very true!
It could well be something computer specifc

(3D Full CassaOffice.skp - Google Drive)

Thanks for helping me, that linked gdrive. I appreciate that :pray:t2:

Really cool model , however…
59million edges.

I could imagine imagine if a section went through any one of these plants that it would take time, these are intensive for SketchUp.

I’ve run an extension here to remove tags from geometry

and I’m running CleanUp3 (which can also do the above I think) to tidy up various parts of the model.
It will take some time to finish, as it is a really complicated file.


So I’ve dug a little deeper - this entity here which is part of the plants makes up 26million entities alone.
It’s the component called Buxinho, which is in the model 72 times.

There are similar things with the gaming chairs.

There is another object called pencil grip ring which in iself is a huge resource hog.

Quite frankly there too much detail for things that can barely be seen

now, none of this is particularly unusual in terms of mistake made, but there is still a mystery as to why and (how) this works better on another machine - it causes me a lot of pain.

The desktop areas with all of the entourage are all quite painful for SketchUp - I would look at exporting these particuarly painful components out as FBX then importing them into Enscape’s customer asset editor

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yes, only one group of this vegetalized wall, which has been copied twice, has 616k edges and 105k faces.

you should choose your components more wisely, depending on how and what your are going to show.

What is this model meant for ? renderings ? diagrams ? plans ?

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I want try another file with same size 250mb, for compare my computer performance while running skechup, couse i am so courious with my pc while running skechup. that only 2-10% cpu usage while running skechup. so i want to try comparation. can you give me file with same size? or have recommended file with same size?

3D modelling is a single threaded operation so 3D apps use only one of your CPU cores. The more powerful CPU and the more cores it has, the smaller the shown percentage. When configuring a computer for SketchUp or other 3D apps, look for a high single-thread performance. Many cores are useful for operations that can be split into parallel threads, like non-realtime rendering.