File not responding

I have been using Sketch up for almost a year.
Learnt a lot and know about cleaning up files to run better.
Have run files up to 50MB (slow but running).
Now I have a 4.5MB which runs very slowly /does not respond. There is nothing else running.
Is there anyway I can sent it to someone to see what I have done wrong ???

Upload the file here so we can take a look at it.

The file size is not always a good indicator of the complexity of the model, that is, number of edges and faces. Large texture images and unused components can bloat the size of even a simple model file. Please share a copy so we can take a look.

Outside bins etc…skp (4.4 MB)

There’s a lot of detail in the racking. It’s entirely possible your integrated Intel processor is choking on the file. It opened very quickly for me. I edited the style and turned off Profiles. Maybe that will help your computer. There was also a lot of incorrect tag usage which I fixed.
Screenshot - 3_16_2023 , 8_54_15 PM

You have a lot of incorrectly oriented faces. There should be no exposed blue back faces. I expect you could simplify the racking to make the model easier to work with. Probably reduce the excessive nested groups and remove some materials that aren’t really being used.

Seee if this copy of your file will open for you, though.
Outside bins etc resaved.skp (4.4 MB)

Yes it opened and I can use it as it is quite quick. Many Thanks.
How did you do that though, I am still learning.

I use Clean up but to no avail.
I wouldnt know how to do the below.

“You have a lot of incorrectly oriented faces.
There should be no exposed blue back faces.
Probably reduce the excessive nested groups and remove some materials that aren’t really being used”

Really appreciate this Dave.

Hey guys,
I have the same problem with Sketch Up. Once I open my file a try to do anything it just stop responding therefore I´m not able to use it. Can someone please help me? Thx.

We need more information to help you. You could try following the “advice” DaveR gave above to the original topic opener.
But if you share your model, someone will be able to analyse and advise.

Not unless you share the file.

I would love to share it but the file is to big :frowning: 693MB

So upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Alright. Let me see what I can do with it.

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I’ve got the file open and I’m going through it now. I’ve fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_20_2023 , 7_25_44 AM
Purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 3_20_2023 , 7_28_43 AM
I think you’ve set a record for the largest number of unused components and materials in a model. There were also a number of excessively large textures which I resized to something more appropriate. All of this reduced the file size by about 63%.

There are a large number of obese components: unnecessarily detailed for what they bring to the overall model.

The largest object is some vases in the bedroom which has almost 6 times more geometry than the bed with all of its bedding.

If the “story” of your model is about those vases that might be appropriate but I’m guessing that’s not the case. You should simplify those huge component that add little to what you want to communitcate.

Another note. There are some reversed faces in your model. They are shown in blue when you use the Monochrome Faces Style as I’m doing here. You should correct those so you only have white front faces visible.

Here is the file. I’ve left the face style set to Monochrome so you can get to work correcting face orientation. I would also suggest before you start adding anything more to the model that you streamline what you’ve got. You might investigate an extension called SKIMP (look in the Extension Warehouse). If you are going to be using all this entourage from the 3D Warehouse it can help you make the components reasonable.


Thank you so much for your effort and help. I´m just learning how to use sketchup so this helped me a lot. :slightly_smiling_face: