Sketch Up Make file not responding when sent to another pc with SU Pro



I have made two files with two different rooms in SU Make 2017. I sent them to my co worker who uses SU Pro 2018 to render them. The files open but in a really slow tempo e.g 30 minutes each and then become unresponding or really hard to work with. What could i have possibly done wrong?


Well, first off you should be using Pro as you are obviously working with sketchup. Other than that we can only guess unless you share the model.


I am a student.Cant afford it yet. Only trying to learn and help with a house but i cant publish since it is not my work. I only thought maybe there was some explanation. I am a beginner so it is propably something stupid that i did.Thanks for your time anyway!


Try purging the unused stuff from the model. Model Info>Statistics.

How big is the model file before and after purging?


@DaveR It is 94mb after purging everything. I have been purging all during designing so i dont have a before number. Could this be a faulty object or something?


94mg after purging is pretty big and if you have lots of edges in there it will be slow.


As Box says, 94 Mb after purging is a pretty big file. It could be a problem with lots of edges or it could be large textures. If you added content such as furniture or appliances out of the 3D Warehouse, one or more of them could be bogging things down. Often you will find these sorts of components are excessively over-modeled and can create problems. You could examine those components and try cleaning them up and simplifying them to see if that helps. Reduce the files sizes for large textures. If you used hi-res images for textures, you could reduce their file size. There’s a limit to the resolution of textures so it isn’t sensible to use large hi-res images anyway. They just cause file bloat with no added benefit.

What is the graphics card in your colleague’s computer? That could also have an impact on performance.


Oh i used some textures from a texture site! My components are all from 3D Warehouse but a few of them are quite heavy. E.g. i have a crib of 32mb. So maybe this is slowing things down. I dont know about my co workers card but i know that she uses a pretty strong pc this is why i was puzzled.


I’d consider a 32 Mb component of a crib to be not only over modeled but morbidly obese. That’s a third of your whole file size! There’s no reason for that at all. I’d get rid of it and find something much simpler.


I see pretty object i put pretty object. Beginners logic.Ok i will try removing it to see how it goes. Thanks for your time!


I get the pretty object thing. Think of it as if you have a limited budget to spend on components. You need to spend wisely.

Remember after deleting it to purge unused. Good luck.

Is it a wrought iron crib that you used?


No. Ιt is laka?? Is this really the word in english?


I don’t know that word. I found a crib in the 3D Warehouse that is a 32 Mb file. I spent a couple of minutes simplifying it and got it down to 1.3 Mb without any trouble.

This is the one I cleaned up.


I didnt even know you could simplify an object!

this is my crib


That one shows up as 35 Mb on the Warehouse. It’s nice if all you want is a model of a crib but when it’s part of a larger model, that’s pretty ridiculous.


oh 35! Even bigger than i thought it was. Ok i will try changing it and find something lighter.


There is no built-in mechanism to simplify a model. There are extensions that can do some things such as merge coplanar faces, but since the ways a model can be overly complex are pretty open ended, more often it is a laborious manual task. Most of the time it is best to delete the monster and then either search the EW for a simpler one or draw it yourself.


Without spending a lot of time on it, I was able to knock 10 Mb off that crib but I think it’s still overkill for what it represents. There are a number of huge texture files in that component along with a lot of inefficient modeling that bloats the file size without adding any benefits. I expect the model could be further simplified and make it actually usable. It’s unfortunate that models like that get put out for others like you to use. You aren’t the first one to be affected by this.


I knew it was huge but i was exactly what i needed for the job. Truth is i thought it could cause some trouble but it was working fine on my computer but would not respond on the other computer that was much stronger than mine.


The monster!!:grin: Ok since i have no idea on the subject i should find something else.