Help - Not Responding when clicking Purge Unused

Hey Guys,

I need help as I have a relatively normal sized file of 220MB; quite some detailed furniture in it which i even tried to deleteto make process easier on Macbook but nothing helped. I just bought a new M2 pro macbook so an old or slow laptop shouldn’t be the problem. I have around 1million lines and haven’t purged used in a few days. As soon as i tried to do this today my file is getting stuck and shooting up my memory usage on my laptop which starts at 6gb of memory and ends up shooting up to 55GB causing me to have to force quit as laptop pulls up notice that its unable to function due to no memory left.

I found a similar article on here which suggested I purge through the components panel which i did successfully. Then after that was done I tried to purgecagain from the model info tab only to have it all crash again.

Can someone help please?


Not Responding means that SketchUp is busy doing the last thing you asked it to do. Most likely you just need to go away and let it purge the file. If you don’t want it to take a long time to purge, you should do it more often.

I’d be willing to try cleaning your file up if you share it. Upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Try purging one type of items one at a time.

The two most important are:

  • Components;

  • Textures.

Save after each purge.

I actually did leave it work on its own and physically got off my macbook but I came back to a notice saying I had to force quit because it was using all my laptop’s memory ( shot up to 56GB )

Here’s the link WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Rather, your model should have between 2 and 5 MB, not 220 MB. Download low poly models from 3D Warehouse or even better, create them yourself. Add optimized textures. Use Purge often.

since most models i use are furniture models it would take too much time for me to create them myself all the time unfortunately. i’ll try the optimized textures in case and will try remember to purge often. Could you please send me the file ?

Thank you for your help

stp-02.skp (7.4 MB)

I deleted your high poly furniture, grouped the elements (walls, floors, stairs, windows, etc…), assign tags. There is still work to be done to get a correctly created model, but…

go to - and learn about groups, components and tags.

Presumably you’re all set, then, and don’t need my help?

could you tell me what else i should be doing to keep it as clean as possible as to be honest I was unaware that i had to group the elements. I generally group them seperately so like walls seperately, floors too but not together and not on tags. Does this help the processing of the file?

Thanks again for you help

I just downloaded your file; however its quite basic now and all white and seeing that for interiors i’ll need to see the furniture and colours etc is there something i should be unhiding?

It was not for nothing that I recommended you to start learning the basics (at, this way you will make your work much easier.

Change back the style to see materials, but for work, stay with Monochrome and turn off tags for elements you don’t need (since you are not working on everything at the same time).


Next step, simplify the imported models

from 270k to 10k, and looks about the same, easily conveying what it represents. It helps you to have a simpler and easier model, and especially then in LayOut (if you will use 3D instead of 2D), if you will create the documentation.


As @mihai.s did, I looked at your file. I first fixed incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged.
Screenshot - 9_5_2023 , 7_01_18 AM
I then purged unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 9_5_2023 , 7_02_09 AM
Looks like you tried and rejected a lot of entourage.
Then I resized the largest 20 textures. They don’t need to be that large.

That reduced the file size by 87%.

You have quite a few reversed faces in the model. I edited the back color to a sort of magenta to make them stand out more. You should fix those faces, especially if you plan to do any rendering from the model.


Thank you so much for all your insightful help. I’ll go through what you have told me to apply to further models and improve my modelling in general.

‘ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged.’ could you please clarify this? By untagged do you mean on a layer? As i don’t recall to having assigned walls and floors to a layer however I do know that i group them usually.

Thanks to you too for your extensive help. Could you also forward me your file too please?

Layers are a different beast superseded by tags a few upgrades of SU ago, there are no layers in your version; here are a couple of training videos produced by the SU team.

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Dear Dave; could you please send me the sketchup file you cleaned up for me so that I can have a look at it please?


I’m sorry. I didn’t save it because I figured you had the version @mihai.s fixed up for you. I guess I could clean up your file again but it’ll be a while before I can get to it. Several paying jobs in the line up for today.

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oh no worries at all! I’ll figure it out thank you for your explanations once again

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I’m sorry to be bothering you again… please reply at your own convenience but i’m feeling helpless. I scrapped my original model and used @mihai.s 's model instead. everything was kept clean and simple and i didn’t import any heavy furniture yet. Sketchup keeps bug splatting and although i’m saving after every step this is ridiculous. Any idea what can be done to solve it? this model seems to have a bit of a curse haha