Pls help me purge this file :(

60 million edges :interrobang:

Even if you use Purge, the file size will be reduced only slightly (530 MB > 515 MB). The fact that you downloaded from 3D Warehouse a lot of very detailed (unnecessarily) components creates problems. Learn to download low-poly models or better create them yourself. Also learns about the correct orientation of the faces, with the white facing outwards.


Purge, one by one

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it’s not a purge problem.
it’s just a black hole.

Capture d’écran 2024-04-19 à 09.45.48
57,7 million lines, 21,3 million faces

Capture d’écran 2024-04-19 à 09.46.09
purging went fast, faster than just opening the file

tures out you have huge materials, anything above 4000px is NOT USEFUL, SU won’t use the extra pixels.
and really, 4000 is a very high bar, I reduced everything up to 1000px, and it hit 123 materials.

post purge and clean, -90mb
and your file is still a black hole
it barely scratched the paint.

Mihai is on point, I see he managed to zoom and look around I didn’t, I barely zoom and went to make some tea waiting for it to move.

here is the purged link. not that it will change a lot of things. after 30 min I’ve only managed to purge and reduce material size. and I’ve had to restart sketchup twice. So I won’t go any deeper to try to find what elements are causing the black hole.

here is a hint though :

CG impact report tells me that 13 million entities are actually ivy leaves.
add the coco leaves, you almost get 15 million. stuff like that can grind your machine to a halt. it did mine.