My file is over 300mb and is unable to be PURGE

Hi everyone! I am so stressed, I erased most of the file, but I can’t reduce the file, it crashes before PURGE is finished. I tried to erase some materials but crashes before I could save it. Also, try to copy just the objects and components I need, and Paste to a new file, but still crashed before I can’t paste.

Hi. I just wanted to ask. Which processor and GPU did you use to create that file, how many amount of materials you used so far, and have you made exact measurements for every object you created? Any object too big or a few materials too many can cause problems for the processor to handle. Whenever I want to change materials when creating models, I purge them every time after a change is made while keeping the file size small.

MAC OSX Ver. 10.9.5 Processor 3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7, Memory 8 GB 1333 Mhz, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB… I do not if this answered your question. I do not know what is GPU. The project I am working is a GYM, I got some files of the fitness equipment for manufacturers but the files were in .3ds, and when I imported the files grew up a lot ( I am sorry, English is not my native language), maybe I do not explain well. I have more than 80 files imported for all the equipment. Its almost impossible to work with. I have been trying to purge, but it can not be done before it crash.

If you have imported objects created by others you can find that every tiny detail is modeled.
Even if you do not see them, they will all add to the geometry that has to be processed and considered as you model, navigate etc.
To allow you to work towards fixing it… set up a simply scene tab with no special line effects, no shadows, textures off etc.
I suggest that you export all of the individual components which make up the gym equipment as a ‘collection’.
Component Browser.
Make a copy of the folder off somewhere so you don’t loose work.
Then you can edit each smaller SKP in the collection, in turn.
Simplify the geometry as far as possible without losing the form of the object.
You certainly don’t need every screw/screw-thread or many sided helical springs etc…
Note how the saved SKP file is much smaller than the original.
Then back in the main model SKP you can reload the now external SKP and the instance[s] of it will update to the simplified version.
Also consider adjusting the components ability to cast/receive shadows etc… this will improve navigation when shadows are on…
Once the set has been simplified you should find that the main SKP is much smaller…

Oh man. I worked on a project years ago that was the same issue. The models were from Solidworks, converted to 3DS and included every bolt, screw, wire, etc. It was a real nightmare. The best advice I have is to try to remove those unnecessary details from the models individually, then reimport them into SU. If you have MAX, try to open the 3DS and run a Pro Optimizer to reduce the poly counts. Artisan for SU has a utility that reduces poly counts too, but it might crash on these big files.

The only way I was able to finish my project was having a SKP file for each view, then deleting anything not in my view to save on memory. I would boldly say that 150MB is about the limit I would ever take a SU file. Good luck. We have all been there.

Danae; Your profile does not show version of SU you are using. TIG covered about all things to do. All the detail puts a large rendering load on the graphics processor but there are still a few " tricks" especially if all you want is external profile?
Model is too big to post in this forum, if possible upload to file sharing site like Drop Box and post url here so it can be found.

Thank you for all your responses. I am using Sketchup Pro 2014. Right now, I am erasing some details as bolts, screws, etc. I hope it helps a little, then I will follow your advices. Thank you.

Thank you very much! At least, I feel better to know some people understand me. This is exactly what I am facing.

Thank you TIG for your advice, I am working on it! :smile:

Danae: Thee pro version has what I think of as an Ambient Occlusion filter=>. aka shell which I think removes internal geometry and keeps external, I do not have pro so some one who does may comment. Maybe that will help you??

Unfortunately such a tool doesn’t exist in Pro either. Pro has more “Boolean” tools than Make, but nearest to what you describe comes the Outer Shell tool that is included in both versions. The bad thing about Boolean tools is that they only work with groups and components that already are “solid” so they are no help in removing those pesky modeling errors that prevent objects from being categorized as “solids”.


Hi everyone! I am here just to let you know what happened finally… After a lot of tries erasing small details, I could purge the file. Also, I used the cleanup3 app, and it helps too. Then my files was reduced to 180 mb, but it was still complicated work with… then Yosemite and Sketchup 2015 came to my life and everything change! No more bugsplat… and also, the files that still have 300 mb are more easy to work on it.