Components gone missing

Dear all,

I am panicking. I had a few components in my model, so I thought it would not be necessary to have them on the actual model since I could access them when I wanted. However, now they are missing. I thought that they would be considered as saved somehow if they had been made as a component, even if they were not in the model. They disappeared along with a lot work :frowning:

My question to you, is it just lost or is there some place where they go and I am too ignorant to find it? On my component window, under components in Model, I can see my other components. But not the other ones which are not in the model. But I checked all windows and they are no where to be found.

Thank you in advance

It sounds as if you may have purged unused components from the model. If you didn’t actively save the components elsewhere, they will be gone. Also, if you had made groups instead of components and later deleted them from the model space they would be gone.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile is unclear.


This could be a perfect time for the backup file to be useful. On Mac that will be a file with the same name, but it has a ~ at the end. Find that file (should be in the same folder as the regular skp you are working on) and rename it, to avoid it being overwritten next time you save. Open the file and see if it has your unused components, then drag any you want into the scene, Copy, and Paste into your working file.

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Dear Dave, thank you so much for the reply. I am currently using 2018 Pro. I am sure they were both groups and components. It all happened in one day, so I am 99,99% sure I did not purge as I did not fiddle with components that day.
I guess components are saved in the ram but are not really saved if they are not on the model or actually properly saved as components? I am guessing that is the case and I have done a mistake, just still giving it a last hope of some miracle remedy involving a hidden file somewhere…

Thanks Colin,

I tried it, good point. In that save, which was about 5 hours earlier, the components are gone too. Thanks for the tip though, good to know for the future.

Components are saved as part of the model file even if they aren’t present in the model space. They would remain unless they purged either from the Component panel, Model Info>Statiistics are via a cleaning extension. So if they were components and you inadvertently deleted them, you should be able to get them back any time in the future.

There’s no such thing for groups, though.

As for hoping they are in a hidden file, components wouldn’t get saved outside of the model unless you did it yourself.

Colin’s suggestion might help however that depends on how much happened after the components went missing.

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Time Machine is a good idea too. With that you can go back one hour for each hour in the last day, and one day for each day in the last month.

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