Objects went missing


The objects inside my sketchup file went missing. There was a power interruption in our area so I hurriedly saved the file before my charger-dependent laptop turned off. I tried the tips like enabling the hidden geometry, hidden objects, section planes, section cuts, axes, and guides, I also turned on the wireframe and tried zooming in/ out, as well the different camera settings, but only the axes appear. The backup files seem to be outdated too as the ,most recent skb was 12 hours ago (big difference in layout). Please help me recover the objects in my file. Thank you very much in advance. Haney222i1.skp - Google Drive

I’ll see what I can do. It’s a huge file so it’ll be slow. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2023 but this opens as a 2020 file. Which veersion are you really using?

Edit: That was faster than I thought. There is nothing in the model space. Look at Outliner.
Screenshot - 7_21_2023 , 6_40_26 AM

There are loads of components shown in the In Model components and plenty of materials, but nothing in the model itself. Looks like you’ll have to rebuild the model. Fortunately you can drag the components out from the Components panel. The .skb file may be older but maybe it still has at least some of the model built up in the model space.