Urgent-My Model disappeared . Statistics shows its there, tags are there and on

surpark1scale.skp (13.3 MB)

My Model just disappeared when it got too heavy. Still statistics shows its there and tags are shown and are on but I cannot see my model with zoom extent as well. Please help as I have submission date coming. Thanks in advance

It looks to me as if you’ve deleted everything from the model space. There are some components shown in the In Model components but not a single component or group in the model space according to Outliner.

Even after using Unhide All, Select All results in no selection. Purging Unused Stuff removes all of the components, tags, and materials indicating none of them are used in the model space.

Look in the same directory where you saved this file for a backup copy with the .skb extension. Maybe you’ll be fortunate to have at least most of your work saved there.

Thanks for kind response. Actually I did not delete anything and 13Mb size of file is the same as before the issue. Unfortunately no skb file is in folder as well.

Actually the forth component on right of the lady is my entire model !! how can I retrieve it ??

I wasn’t there to see what happened when the stuff was removed but it is not in the model space.

That’s due to the components and materials still remaining in the file. In Model components and materials remain as part of the file even if they are deleted from the model space. After purging the unused stuff from the file, the file size drops to 69.2 Kb.

Go to the In Model components, select it, and drag it out into the model space. Then go buy a lottery ticket. Luck seems to be with you today.

In my window only list of names are there. How I can see them as the view you got in your screenshot?

Hahaaa if I can do it with your help , will do it :smile:

Click on the button left of the little house icon in the Components panel and choose Large Thumbnails.

It worked. You are a life saver. Thanks Dave. Have a nice day… I am on my way to buy the lottery ticket :slight_smile: