My whole model and the screen is blank

I was working on my assignment a building model and downloaded a door components from 3D warehouse. There was a person there so i tried to delete it. I must’ve misclicked again because my entire model disappeared, and I cannot seem to navigate at all. I then tried clicking Edit > Undo maybe 10 times and nothing changed. I really don’t want to start over… Can somebody please help me get this back?

you should share that file so that others can have a look at it…

Untitled.skp (5.7 MB)

Here’s your model back.
You are using Tags incorrectly and you should purge your model regularly to remove deleted stuff. leave untagged as active and only assign tags to groups and components, not loose geometry.
I haven’t purged it so you will find a lot of unused components in the component browser.
Untitled(15)box.skp (5.8 MB)

First, select Front View and then Zoom Extents. Your model will be seen.

Thank you so so much !!! Ok i will arrange my tags again. Can i know what happened to my sketch up jn ?

You managed to get the camera positioned at about 6 km from the model.

As Box indicated, make sure you are using tags correctly…
Screenshot - 2_16_2021 , 7_18_46 AM

And purge unused stuff once in awhile.
Screenshot - 2_16_2021 , 7_19_59 AM

This reduced the file size by nearly 99.996% from 5.74 Mb to 263 Kb.

ok thank you