Imported .dwg tagged geometry: How to convert to Groups and move to Untagged

I have a mess of a .dwg import today. Loads of raw geometry assigned with tags from the layers in import. Does anyone know of a method or extension that will process the whole model converting all tagged geometry to groups with the same tag? Then I could move all geometry to untagged after and retain the tag structure. @Anssi the autocad whisperer, what’s your best advice for this situation?

Maybe this old thing will get you the first part: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

And of course Default Tag Geometry (Default Layer Geometry) from TIG at Sketchucation will remove the tags from the geometry.

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I can see how that would do the trick! I’ll try that workflow in the morning. :+1:

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From a user perspective, I completely understand this issue, and dealing with the aftermath of importing DWG/DXF files into SketchUp can indeed be a major hassle. What you’re looking for is an alternative import method, not the default SketchUp import feature.

Typically, SketchUp doesn’t allow two lines to overlap on the same level; it will automatically split/slice them and randomly assign a tag to the intersection (a tag from one of the initial two lines), which differs from AutoCAD’s behavior.

I suggest trying this method: Import DWG via TrimBIM import. It might offer a more efficient way to handle your DWG/DXF imports while preserving the tag structure.


I tried to process the geometry by layer using Group By, but it appears to not work on my version of 22 for mac. It’s dialog boxes pop up warning of exploding everything and asking if I want to proceed but after processing no groups are created and all remains loose geometry. I tired color by tag and edges colored by material, then processing by color with Group By but same outcome. Perhaps the sun has finally set on that extension?

@curic4su I have read with interest several past discussions on the TrimBim method, including this @MikeWayzovski tutorial. As I already use TC, I’ll dig into this and give it a try.

Hey Now! That worked a treat! After wandering around a littel in TC and finally realizing the download as TrimBIM is only available when in the 3D viewing mode, I used drag and drop into '23 and Bob’s your uncle. The TrimBIM workflow through TC is a much improved import. Cleaner lines, componentized, Preserved Layers to Tags, included text, a better result all around. Thanks. Now to see how it all behaves in SU 24…

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