How to delete multiple tags?

I imported a dwg file. I want to delete multiple tags.Is there a way?

I used to press shift in 2017, but now it doesn’t work.

Please help :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!

You can select all imported edges and assign them Untagged, then use the Purge command (in Tags) and it will delete all your unused Tags

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Thanks for your reply!

I have tried it, but some of the imported dwg has been grouped, and there are many groups.

I tried to unblock the group, of course, the web page crashed in the end. :joy:

Is there any other way?If not, I will repeat it by myself nearly 100 times just to delete the tags…

Edit the dwg file and keep only layer 0.

Use a desktop version of SketchUp.

By ‘unblock’, do you mean Explode groups? Do not select all groups at once, select a few at a time.

Edit the dwg file is the way too,I just used to delete layers in Sketchup :joy:

And select a few group to explode at a time is work,Although not as good as before, it is also fast,thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait! You mentioned using the desktop version of SketchUp,the desktop version of the $299 plan can select multiple tags to delete?

All desktop versions of SketchUp can do that:

  • in Google SketchUp 8

  • in SketchUp 2020

Thank you!This made me consider whether to buy a desktop version.

Really, the delay in the web version is a bit annoying.