Untagging embedded components

Hi, I’m sorry to have to ask such a short question but how do I untag all items selected?

I have imported .dwg’s that carry a lot of clutter and I’d like to untag everything inside in one fell swoop.

Many thanks if anyone can answer this.

Right click >Entity Info, then select Untagged beside the Tag field…

Depending on how many components you need to untag and how many tags are involved, it could be faster to delete the tags and remake them.

+1 what @DaveR said. To clarify: If there are lots of nested parts to navigate through, and the tags that came in are unwanted anyway, just delete those tags and pick “Move to Default Tag” as the option, that’s the key to doing them all in one fell swoop.
Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 2.29.57 PM

If you need to keep the tag names from the original import, but move all geometry to untagged, open the original file, cut the imported geometry to the clipboard, open a fresh SU file and paste in place, follow the above advice of deleting all tags and choosing move to untagged. Then copy the now untagged geometry to clipboard again, return to the original file and paste in place.


Thank you everyone for your replies.

I didn’t realise it was as simple as deleting the tags from the tag menu.

Oh another question I have for you all (thanks again) is…

How do I edit a component file outside of SKP?

I have a directory of products that will regularly need their prices changed. What I would like to avoid is having to load every single component into SketchUp to change the price.

If anyone has any cool suggestions on how to better manage such a project or would like to see out of curiosity how an amateur is getting along then I’d gladly meet up on discord one day?

I wish there was a Plug-In to Set all Groups, Sub Groups, Components, and Geometry within to Untagged. Like Cleanup ‘Geometry to Layer0’ but Everything (including the group tags not just Geometry) to Untagged. Copy and Past to New Document might go a little Quicker if the ‘New Document’ command Didn’t Close the Currently Opened Documents.