Tags (Undoing a tag on single item)

I have SU 21 Windows 64 bit

Is there a way to simply untag a single component or group within a tag, without having to re-do the tag and all items included in that tag previously?

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Select the group or component and change the Tag to Untagged in Entity Info.

The wording of your question suggests some confusion about how tags work. The object is not “included in that tag”. Rather, the object refers to (points to, uses…pick your favorite words but not “is on” or “is included in” or the like) the tag.

As @DaveR wrote you can change which tag is used by a single object, including to make it “untagged”, via Entity Info without affecting any other objects that use that tag and without altering the tag itself.

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I did not know tags were in the Info tab.

Entity Info is where you give tags to groups and components.

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