How to remove a tag from an entity?

I’m struggling to do some pretty simple things with the web version. I can tag an entity - but cannot figure out how to untag something that has been tagged.

All I can find is delete the entire tag - but I just want it gone from one entity. If I select untagged - it still keeps any other tags it has.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple.

Thanks in advance

Until you learn and understand the tags, don’t forget to assign the tags only to the objects (groups/components), not the raw geometry (edges/faces).

Ah I think I see what is going on. I’ve been triple clicking entites and that seems to be selecting differently (with the bounding box showing). When I do that I can’t untag one of the objects.

If I just click to select it like you do I can successfully untag.

Thanks for the video.

Triple clicking on a group or component opens the object for editing and selects all of the geometry inside. A single click selects only the object. (And double clicking on a compnent or group only opens it for editing but doesn’t select any geometry.)

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