How to untag a group/component

I’ve tried to find the way to untag a group - and can’t findit. How do I do it without having to install special add-ons?

Select the object and change it’s tag in Entity Info to Untagged.

I did that, to Untagged but it still has another tag which seems to be alive.

Did you tag the geometry inside? Open the object for editing and select the contents. Then set it to Untagged.

Or instead of making me guess at what the exact problem is, share the .skp file so I can see it and help you identify exactly what the problem is.

Even a tag with nothing assigned to it remains in your model until you remove it. And a tag you don’t need can be removed by right-clicking on it in the Tags window and selecting Delete Tag from the context menu. If it isn’t empty, you are given an option to delete its contents or move them to Untagged .

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