Tag - Is there any fast way to change subcomponent inside main component to "untagged""


I notice I have to spend sometime to fix tags when model become more complex.
Most problem come from some components already assigned tag then create larger component that have already tagged component inside.

To make the whole scene clear, I prefer to have only main component have tag, then sub-components inside it become “Untagged”. Is there any extension to clean all tags inside component ?
Or any better way to do it ?

Thank you very much again.

If you do not need the subcomponent tag on other components, you could delete the tag in the Tags tray.

thank you, but if I want to keep that tag because there is still other components have to be in that tag.
In this case I cannot delete it, right ?

Correct. It may be faster to reassign top level tags than to delete subcomponent tags though.

Curic Deep Select extension


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Hi @mihai.s
THANK YOU. This may be solution I am looking for.
I will check Curic Deep Select and try :slight_smile:

Hi @mihai.s
Deep Select is a good way to save time to source components in Outliner tray.
By selecting instance, it is really good for selecting everything including group.
However, after untagging everything inside component seems polygon inside the group is still not be untagged.

Curic Deep Select test 4

If you tag raw geometry (not indicated), then select faces/edges and untagged them.


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Thanks a lot ! This is good productivity tip I learn from you again.
I just

  1. select all sub component > untagged
  2. select all face > untagged
    Then no more tags mess up inside main component again. Thank you for your help.
    Curic Deep Select test 6
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With proper modeling workflow, you shouldn’t have to untag the edges and faces. They should always be untagged.

Hi Dave
Thanks for your comment. I notice if we explored tagged component and then make explored geometry to group or new component, the old tag will be assigned direct to geometry. This can cause bad modeling. Anyway it is not too hard to check and fix :slight_smile:

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And since you know about it, the immediate next step after exploding to raw geometry is to untag the geometry while it is still selected.

In practice I find it rare to ever need to explode a component or group to raw geometry. You shouldn’t need to explode a group or component to make it a new one.

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Yes, it is rare case. Most common practice is to convert Group to Component to make it be able to do batch edit. To explode component to create group is rare case. I happen today because I want to test deep select workflow.

There’s absolutely no need to explode a group to then make it a component. Just right click on it and choose Make Component. You could set up a keyboard shortcut for that if you wanted to.
Screenshot - 8_1_2022 , 8_11_04 AM
And if it’s going to need to be a component anyway, why do the extra steps of making it a group first? Just make it a component from the start. Work smarter not harder.


I learned a tip from DaveR… TIG’s Default Tag Geometry will remove tags.

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Just from the geometry. It’s one of the first things I run when I get files for troubleshooting from other users. Invariably a huge part of their problems stem from incorrect tag usage. This is the result from a recent file.
Screenshot - 7_31_2022 , 10_04_54 PM

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When I saw your tip, I opened one of my DC’s to try it out… lo and behold I had made the mistake on my own component. I need to keep sharpening the saw… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this sharing. This will be new thing I will check to avoid bad model organise.

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I find I need that as well. The way I do it is.
1 - Cut ( copy ) the main component group.
2 - Paste in Place that component into a new blank sketchup file that has no Tags other than Untagged
3 - Delete all the tags that brought into to that blank sketchup file, leaving Only Untagged
4 - Copy that component and past in Place back into original file.
5 - Reset the Overall Tag you want the Component.
Sounds long buts actually very quick.

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Thanks for sharing this tip. It can be alternative work flow to do. This method should work well for small component to copy and paste it to new file. However for large component it may take time to copy and past it. Curic deep select and change to untagged may faster for this case.