Saving a component with tags assigned

I posted earlier in the year regarding an issue I was having with components having a #1 added at the end. I was saving components via the File/Save As option and using the component name as the save name which was causing the problem.

My question now is that when I create a new component I would like to save it with tags assigned, this, however, doesn’t seem to work. I create my component, create a tag, assign it and then right-click to save as. If I then open this component it will open as exploded geometry, if I add to a working model it comes in as a component, named correctly but untagged. Is this the expected behaviour?

I fully understand all geometry should be created as untagged and then assigned as components/groups are assigned in a new model.

I work in the Exhibition industry and have templates set up with all required tags. Is it possible to save my components with tags assigned, i.e when I bring them into my template they self-assign to the template tags rather than having them manually assigned from untagged??

It would be expected behavior for the method you are using. An alternative would be to use the regular File>Save after creating and tagging the component. Then use FIle>Import to import the component into your project. The assigned tag will come with it. Be aware that the component will then come in double wrapped so you’ll likely need to explode the top component level.

If the tags are common across projects it might make more sense to temporarily make the tag active when you drag in the component from the Components panel. It would be easier to get the components in and placed accurately. You do need to remember to make Untagged active again before moving on to do any further modeling or editing.

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Thanks Dave, you were one of the people that helped with my initial understanding of the different save options. Like you say with the regular File>Save I end up with a double wrap which needs exploding to top level, this is something I don’t want to do just in case I forget to do it. I have started using the report generator to produce picking lists so ensuring the model component list is all correct is vital, unforgotten unexploded double-wrapped components just cause grief!
I have become accustomed to adding tags to my component imports which I have grown to like, It keeps me switched on to the basics of working untagged and then assign.
My Current workflow works great, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something simple to make things quicker.

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As long as what you are doing works well for you, you’re good to go. FWIW, you might consider dragging and dropping components from In Model into the desired collection in the Components panel. That’s my preferred method. Must less clicking around it’s quick to save a bunch of components if you need to.

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I actually use Flex Tools component finder for adding components to models as I find the default Sketchup tab too small to explore a large library. I do use the Sketchup component tab to view “In Model” components to check everything is named correct and to purge unused. Seeing a perfectly named alphabetical list is very satisfying :blush:

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