Coupla questions

I created a detail drawing of my workshop including tools like my table saw and other pieces of equipment. I try to create every object as a component (i.e. the table saw is a component made up of various other components and a few lines/surfaces to tie it all together). I also use Tags to isolate various elements in my shop and here is my first question. Let’s say I create a Tag called “Saw” so I assign my table saw component to that tag. Should each of the saw components (e.g. motor) also be assigned to the Saw tag or is it actually better to leave the elements of the main component as untagged?

I’ve also created my shop walls as components and made them elements of the “Walls” tag so I can hide the walls to give better visibility of floor layout. Each wall has multiple 120V and 240V outlets which are each their own component. If I assign those outlet components to the Walls tag then there is a conflict if I want to place one of those outlets in the ceiling. That would seem to say “common” component elements should stay as untagged.

Here’s my other question. While creating my model and all elements therein, I often create a temporary tag so I can easily hide some elements as I’m building the component. That temporary element might be a simple reference line to help place something in the component or model. If I remember, I re-assign the element that is in the temporary tag or delete the item if was just a reference line I no longer needed. But unfortunately I’m human, (even though I seem to have to continue convincing Google that I’m not a robot), and I forget to re-assign the item with the temporary tag. I have just such an item in my shop model. I tried a purge of tags and that temp tag says, no can do. I’ve tried a few tricks, (show all tags and click the temp tag off and on hoping to see something, or select a major component then edit and select all to see if there are any tag outliers), to find and re-assign or delete whatever has that tag but to no avail. I’m looking for suggestions.

I’d leave the subcomponents untagged in a case like that. It’s enough to give the Saw tag to the top level component. Just extra work to give the tag to the subcomponents.

Not necessarily. Maybe it would be more appropriate to give the wall outlets a “wall outlets” tag and the ceiling outlets a “ceiling outlets” tag. There’s no reason you can’t do that. Or maybe it’s enough to give all of the outlets a tag called “Elctrical”.

If the temp tag is assigned to something that is also temporary, right click on the tag and choose Delete. In the message box that pops up choose to delete what has that tag, too. Purging tags only eliminates unused tags. If there’s anything that has the tag assigned to it, the tag is used and won’t be purged.

Thanks for the ultra super fast reply but actually, I thought you would be first to jump in.

Now that I tried it both ways I think I’ll go with the main component having it’s own tag and sub-elements with either their own tag or untagged, It was a lot of busy work to try and tag all elements with the main element’s tag. Unfortunately I have a lot of cleanup to do as my model was developed over a few years period so I went down the wrong path at various times.

On the second item, I missed that right click trick. Indeed it allows me to move the element, whatever it is, to the untagged category and that’s fine for now.

After using SketchUp for several years now, but only in spurts at a time, I learn and re-learn stuff. I really appreciate guys like yourself who help us “part-timers” get over the humps :slight_smile:

There could be reasons for giving the sub components different tags. For example if you want to show the table saw with or without the rip fence, the top level saw component could have the “Saw” tag and the rip fence inside could have the “Rip Fence” tag. Then you can show or not show the fence while the saw is shown or not show anyof it.

That wrong path can lead to a lot of work down the road.

Yes, you can remove the tag from stuff that was tagged or again, if you don’t need that stuff anymore, delete it along with the tag you had put on the stuff.

Make sure you are using tags correctly throughout. Leave all edges and faces untagged. Only components and groups get tags.

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