LAYERS--What on Earth?

Attached is a snippet of what happened when I tried to upload a grading plan CAD file. This images is what my brain feels like trying to understand uploading grading plans. Is this normal? I am having a hard time navigating through the layers to find out what the colored washers (I understand they aren’t actually washers) are for?

It’s hard to tell what is going on from your screenshot but I’m guessing there were some bits of geometry in the original CAD file that have tags you don’t want to see in the SketchUp model. You could check to see what tag the “washers” have and delete that tag and anything that has been given that tag. I’d turn off tags until you’re left with just the washers so you can confirm there’s nothing import that also has the same tag.

After you’ve done that it would be wise to correct tag usage for all of the remaining geometry. All edges and faces in SketchUp should be untagged. Only groups and components should have tags.

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You’re the best. Thank you. Currently working on isolating just the needed geometry.

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