Imported tags not showing

I have mentioned earlier the behaviour of .trb imports, thats the tag structure that is actually there “shows up late”. Now I find the same thing in a dwg import.
I import, the geometry shows up just fine, but it’s all untagged.

As I know there’s dwg layers in there I close the drawing and reopen it, and now all the geodata tags are there.

Not a huge problem once you know how to get around it, and maybe a sign someone is working on the import things… :slight_smile:
But it should be fixed.

What happens if you simply collapse the Tags panel and reopen it?

ah, thats a natural thing to check. Did that now, on a new import into a new file, but still all untagged. Also for closing the panel and open it again.

If you select an entity what does Entity Info show for the tag? Typically imported CAD files come in as an untagged component and the edges are tagged soyou’d have to open the component to select edges to see the tags.

well now, after a while, that new file, that has not been closed and reopend, also show the tags, but its been brewing some 5 minutes on its own.

I make a new file and import again, go into the component to select a line, and it shows the correct Tag in “info”, although no tags are present in the Tag folder.

So what that tells me is the tags exist in the file but the list of tags is not being written in the Tags panel.

thats my conclusion as well. They will however show up, after reopening the file, or waiting a while.

This is a bug in the current version of SketchUp. Anything you do to refresh the Tags panel will make the imported tags show up. Clicking + to add a new tag for example.

We have fixed it internally, and so the next update to SketchUp should not have that problem. I can’t tell you when there will be an update.

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