Error importing from Illustrator DXF/DWG

Exporting vector drawings from Illustrator to DXF or DWG (the only one capable of being imported from Sketchup) I encounter major problems. The drawing does not match the original (on the left). I am attaching a simple example to make some checks. I have tried all export and import options and all units of measure. as you can see the corners are crooked and improvised, while they should all be identical, as in the original design, as it was conceived. I believe that in the design field this can create enormous problems. N.B. the problem does not exist if I import the file in Rhinoceros and save it in SKP, but this forces the purchase of another paid software. But wasn’t the DXF format born to be universal? Why does Sketchup interpret it in its own way?
AI_TEST STAR.dxf (92.6 KB)

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(Sketchup Imported)

The hatch boundary is a spline curve. There are no spline curves in SketchUp, and the DWG/DXF importer interprets them not very consistently.
I used meters as the import unit

Prior to exporting from Illustrator you could try adding a lot of control points, and then straightening the curve.

This is the same as imported into Rhinoceros.
It is evident that it is an import problem of the Sketchup import filter. (2021).
Thanks for the advice, I’m sure there are many solutions, (even going through Rhino is a solution), but I believe that the problem must be solved, it is unthinkable that a professional cannot trust a universal format that is misinterpreted by the software.

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In fact, no. It is a text format created by Autodesk that is equivalent to their binary DWG format.

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Autodewsk back in 1982 invented an Ascii interchange format which later became binary, but in fact does nothing but give point-to-point coordinates for each vector. Why is Sketchup the only one to invent non-existent points?

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ok ok, I can understand that the spline interpretation may have an imperfect match, where there are curved segments, But here, in the tips of the star, there are only two vectors. Why is he crippling her like this?

Honestly, no idea. It just seems to me that applications have different ways to interpret splines. I have seen the same kind of problems even when transferring things like logos from Illustrator to AutoCad and resorted to the same add control points and straighten stratagem. Your file looks OK in DWG TrueView.

I’ll try this S4U Import DXF (for Sketchup Pro) | SketchUcation (Not Free 30$)

Your dxf imports well in everything except SU. Moi 3D, FormZ, pCon, AutoCAD, VCarve all look the same and correct.

DXF imported into Blender and exported as OBJ

OBJ imported into SketchUp

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Inkscape exported dxf comes nice into sketchup… I tried your file and it came as expected…

Thank you for your cooperation. I would like Trimble to solve the problem upstream.
I am using SU 2021.

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