DXF : Export from Illustrator CS6, problem to import in Sketchup

Hi everyone,

I have generated a DXF file from Illustrator CS6 (64 bit).
The lines have smooth aspect.

When I import this file in Sketchup 2019, lines have be converted in segments !

Do you know this problem ?

MarcCourbes_1_2D.dxf (360.3 KB)

If you zoom in on the dxf you can see that it is multiple edges. I’d suggest you need to modify the export so you have single edges. I don’t use cad software so I can’t be specific, could be related to edge thickness.

Thank you for this advice.
I have a look on the file.
Best regards

And importing Bezier curves into SketchUp will always break them down to straight segments. Only arcs and circles will retain their “nature”, even though even they will display as segmented.

This answer seem quite good !
I have import this file in Rhino 3D without problem.