Illustrator -> DWG -> SketchUp paths distortions



I’ve got quite a simple shape in illustrator and try to export it to DWG so I can import it to SketchUp. No matter what import/export options I try, SketchUp cuts some corners in a strange manner. Have a look at the result - those corners should be simple 90* corners, but some of them are cut. What is happening here?


There’s an option in the export menu to preserve appearance vs editability (or something similar). That could be the case. Could you share the Illustrator file, so I could have a look?


I select Maximum editability.
This is the original AI (CS6) file: (242.2 KB)


Ok it took an hour to figure it out but here we go.

From Illustrator.skp (17.6 KB)

Since Illustrator does smooth “un-segmented” curves, SketchUp has a problem reading them. Yes, you didn’t have curves in your blueprint but they were still manifesting in the DWG. You have to specifically command Illustrator that there must be only segments and no curves in your project for exporting.


  • Turned off Fill values, to only see the Stroke

  • Ungrouped the whole blueprint

  • Selected All > Object > Path > Add Anchor Points (repeat 2-3 times)

  • Select All > Object > Path > Simplify

Make sure “Straight Lines” and “Preview” is checked and Angle Threshold is at 0 degrees. Apply and you’re done! The file is ready. Export at either “Maximum Editability” or “Preserve Appearance” doesn’t seem to produce anything different. Checked 3 times.

The dimensions however seem to be a bit messy. You can use the Tape Measure tool in SketchUp to set a true value of 1 wall and all the other ones will be scaled proportionally. Cheers!


Thanks a lot for checking it.
However, I can’t perform it successfully anyway. Am I missing something? :


Refer to this. Sorry for the low resolution. There’s a size limit for uploaded videos, so I had to scale it down to 800pixels on the long side.


OK, I’ve made some more tests, and I think I know what makes the difference. If you Simplify path in Illustrator with the Angle Threshold value different then 0° anywhere in a process, then the path is ruined for dwg Sketchup export purpose. Even if you perform the steps you’ve provided later.

What does not make a difference:

  • removing fills / adding strokes
  • stroke width
  • grouping / ungrouping shapes