Exporting From Illustrator



I’m having trouble getting my .dwg files to import accurately. The artwork ends up with angled corners rather than sharp corners. I’ve done this many times without any issues. Not sure what I’m missing here.

I typically create outlines in illustrator, add a bunch of anchor points, simplify, then export as .dwg.


Can you share a DWG file that shows this?


On top of sharing the .dwg maybe also share the .ai and a screenshot of your export settings.


This could be a product of the “live corners” in the new cc version of illustrator, whereby a dot appears in each corner to allow for the corner rounding. As this remains a “live” effect it may need to be “committed” before export, go to “expand appearance” ? Maybe this is the issue if you have this issue that wasn’t there before.


This image shows the artwork in my illustrator file


Here’s what it look like when it’s imported to SU


Export settings


Here’s the dwg file

Canopy.dwg (214.9 KB)


Thanks, but that’s not the issue. All my artwork is expanded or outlined. Then I pump a bunch of anchor points into it before simplifying and exporting.


Were you able to look at the screenshots I uploaded?


I’ve finally had time. I see the mitered corners you were talking about. I also see that every straight line is divided into many segments which doesn’t make sense. There are 22 segments in that “straight” line. There’s 999 segments in the whole outline.

I expect you are running into a situation where the segments at those corners are so short, SketchUp is doing a bit of approximating. I think sort out why the DWG file ends up with all those short line segments and correcting it will go a long way to fixing this problem.

I’m curious though why you wouldn’t just draw that in SketchUp in the first place. It’s a pretty simple shape and I think it would be easier to just start in SketchUp.


I can definitely draw that shape in SU. However, I import a lot of logos and outlined text, and if SU can’t even handle importing a simple shape like this accurately how am I supposed to trust that it can handle text and logos?


I don’t think it’s been determined that the issue is on the SketchUp side, yet.


I see. Well my process has typically been to first outline my artwork, then add a bunch of anchor points, then simplify, then export to DWG. Am I missing something?


I think we both are. What is it about the way your artwork is created in Illustrator that causes a straight line to be exported to the DWG file as many short segments? A similar DWG file from a CAD program would show that straight line as a single entity.

Out of curiosity, what do you do with the artwork once you get it into SketchUp?


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Typically, I just have to connect two lines to fill the shapes so I can push them.


I meant how do you use the art work once you have it in SketchUp? Are you just making a 3D model of the logo or whatever it is? Or is it part of a larger model?


Mostly just to extrude the shapes to make them 3D.


Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.