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I am having an issue exporting some blueprints into .dwg from Illustrator into SketchUp. Something I have done a million times but today I am having no luck. Can somebody brainy take a peek and see what I may be doing wrong. The error message I get in SketchUp is:

Some imported geometry is extremely far from the
model origin. If you experience any instability with
your SketchUp model, please delete that geometry
from your .dwg/.dxf file and import again.


Import Failed.

I have attached the Illustrator (230.2 KB)

I am using SketchUp Pro 2018 and Illustrator 2020.

Import via Inkscape
import-ai.skp (1.1 MB)
drawing-ai.dxf (2.3 MB)

Cheers matey!

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I think SU2018 can only handle DWG between Release 14 and 2013. So you’d likely need to backsave to an earlier DWG version.

What did you use as the import unit? I exported from Illustrator CS5 in millimeters, and imported into SU 2019 in centimeters. Saved as v. 2018 file. Had too some coords out of range warnings.Volvo_Blueprint.skp (908.7 KB)

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