Can't import this dwg

I test.dwg (513.3 KB)

Why does this not import into Skecthup 2015? I have never had an issue with cad files until this one.

I got this after importing it into SketchUp.

Is that what you’re expecting? Maybe try hitting Zoom Extents after you import it. How big is it supposed to be? Maybe you need to set the correct units in the Import options.

And I found this,

This was waaaaay far from the origin. I moved it to the origin and it seemed to behave better.


dwg files are notorious for placing model contents at huge distances from the origin and for scattering pieces of the model over immense areas. As Shep points out, it is sometimes necessary to do some zooming to find them and some moving to make the model workable in SketchUp.

I am curios how you moved it. I suspected this was the case but I didn’t know how to move the origin in Sketchup

You can move things to the origin after selection by getting the move tool, picking a point in the geometry to be moved, then typing [0,0,0] then enter.


Hmmm, I’m just not figuring out how the heck you did this. I load the file above and get the crazy icon seen by DaveR. What are the steps?

I started Sketchup, emptied the drawing area (blank). Clicked file>import.
Set options like this:

Clicked OK and then import.
That’s about it.

If Preserve drawing origin is checked, then you will have to move the drawing to the origin.

I’ve done this both ways and so far haven’t seen the “crazy icon” and I honestly don’t know why.
Again, I am shrugging,

And here’s the skp if you like.
Test from dwg.skp (1.9 MB)


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I got the same as Shep.

I imported in meters and got the same odd bunch of rings Dave got. Couldn’t find what shep did anywhere. There were lots of layers, many turned off. Then got distracted by an important call regarding meeting in pub and looked no further.

Hmm…The results are sensitive to how you set the options during import! I’ll have to try a few times and probe all the combinations, but with meters, preserve origin off, merge coplanar on, and orient faces consistently on I get what Dave showed. With inches and everything else off, I get what Shep got. There is definitely an issue with the importer that this file provokes with certain combinations of options.

Edit: meters vs inches is enough to make the difference, with all other options off!!

Edit #2: feet and meters both get the strange arcs. Inches, mm, and cm get the floorplan. Truly strange!

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The units setting in the file says Meters but the actual dimensions look to me like inches. The lower right corner of the building lies 4877465727.1276 drawing units from the model origin, so if you import this into SketchUp using Meters, the distance to the origin will be four times the distance from here to the Sun, while the building alone is about 7 kilometers across. Even as inches, the distance to the origin is still almost 124 000 kilometers. I would guess that this just chokes the importer.



Maybe the strange import is a diagram of the solar system :wink:

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