Messy vectors from DXF exports of AI & Corel imported to SketchUp Shop

Trying to render pretty intricate lines from CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator into edges & faces in SketchupShop. I’ve tried several export methods but typically results of the files as inserted into SketchUp are pretty disappointing, smooth & straight simplified lines become very segmented and jagged.

Any insights to smooth my process greatly appreciated!

1892.skp (1.0 MB) 3D 1892 of ai.dxf (84.2 KB) 3D (985.3 KB)

The old recipe is to “unsmooth”. The way Bezier curves in DWG/DXF files are converted into SketchUp edges and broken into straight segments cannot be easily controlled and can lead to unpredictable results. The traditional way to deal with this is to edit the curves in your vector art application by first adding a lot of control points and then straightening the curves. Also use a large import unit (like meters instead of milllimeters, see the import options).

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