Best file format to import vector art into Sketchup?

What is the best file format to import vector art into Sketchup? I have been using DWG files but they come in so choppy that I spend more of my time doing the logo cleanup then creating the model itself.

DWG/DXF is practically the only option.

The old trick to avoid the choppyness (some of it is inevitable as all curves and arcs are segmented in SketchUp) is to pre-convert your curves and arcs into segmented polylines in the originating application before exporting into DWG.


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Does importing dwg/dfx from Illustrator only work in SketchUp Pro? I’m using SketchUp Free (2016) and when I go to Import, my file from Illustrator is grayed out and cannot be imported? Thanks

That’s correct. You need Pro for the DWG/DXF import export ability.

BTW, SketchUp Free is the web based application. I believe you mean SketchUp Make 2016, but neither does DWG import, only Pro.

DWG import is only available for SketchUp Pro. For SketchUp Make users there are a couple of plugins available for importing the DXF format (an ASCII version of DWG) in SketchUcation, for instance.

Thank you!