Importing vector files from Adobe products


I’m hoping someone knows a work-around for importing vector floor plans drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


If you export DWG or DXF from Illustrator, you can import them into SketchUp.


If you dont have Illustrator, you can try to import the file into Inkscape (Free), then export as DXF.
You can than import the DXF in Sketchup.


Yes, I’m able to import my floor plan as either dwg or dxf, but it comes in as individual lines, not a shape I can extrude (Push/Pull). Do you know of a way to do that?




You’ll have to create faces once you import the file. You can do that manually by tracing an edge with the Line tool. There are also some plugins such as Make Faces from that can do it. Or you could draw a large rectangle around the floor plan and use Intersect Face to create intersections. Delete the unneeded parts of the face leaving faces where you want them.


Hi Dave,

Do you know about missing text in SketchUp from imported DWG files exported from Illustrator?
My work-around is to outline the text before exporting from Illustrator, but figured I was missing a setting.




SketchUp has never imported text objects with CAd files. Only vector lines.


Cool beans. Thanks for your help!


However, if you make a DXF file that includes the CAD file’s text objects, then you can do a two-step import.
One step to bring in the geometry [keeping CAD origin].
Step two use which then brings in the DXF file’s text too…
I haven’t tested it in newer SketchUp versions… but I’d expect it to work in their unrestricted loading polices…
If you are not already an SCF member then get a free membership [big blue first button!] …


Thanks Tig, I’m going to give it a shot.