Import Vector from Illustrator to Extrude

New member here, new to Sketchup. I am trying to model a house. I drew up the blueprints in Adobe Illustrator. The workflow that makes the most sense to me is to take the existing vector drawing of the walls of the building, import it into Sketchup, and extrude it as a single shape. But whenever I import it (whether it’s DWG, DXF or otherwise, regardless of what settings I put in) it won’t let me extrude it. It doesn’t even seem to see the drawing as a shape, only lines… Any advice is appreciated!

SketchUp’s pushpull extrude acts only on faces, so I must conclude that your file does not create faces when imported. There are various reasons that could happen. We could give a best diagnosis if you can share a sample dwg or dxf.

Yes, Illustrator as well as my 2D CAD program, PowerCADD, let you draw polygons with closed faces, but as soon as you export to DWG and import to SketchUp, all you get are the lines. I end up just using the lines as a tracing guide in SketchUp to build from most of the time for various reasons.