How can I "import" into SketchUp Pro a vector drawing from illustrator?

I tried everything by saving the AI file in various formats but when I do the import… nothing happens. Please help! Thank you!

If the illustration is in vector format, you could export a DXF file from Illustrator and import that.

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Hi Dave, I already did that but after selecting import nothing happens

Is there any vector line work in the Illustrator file?

After you import try zooming extents. It’s a tool. There’s a chance your art is very small or large.

Dave: Yes all vector , simple drawing I did to test

Mono: Yes, nothing there

Can you share the DXF?

Do I need to save it as:

300 DPI
Back Transparency

It it’s a raster image, you would need to save it in a raster format like JPG or PNG.


300 DPI or 72?

RGB. Either one. 300 might look better. What are you going to do with it once you have it in SketchUp?

If you’re exporting a dxf you shouldn’t have to select any of those raster options. In illustrator Export the file as a dxf. Then in sketchup, in a new blank file, import it. It should be there. If you want me to try, upload the dxf here.

I want to build couple rooms and then import Wall Art and place them in the rooms

The just create a graphic png or jpeg and use it as a texture then.

What are you exporting from Illustrator? The wall art or something like a floor plan lines drawing?

A simple logo 2 colors and text. All vectorized

Nothing appeared

So if you export a JPG or PNG, can you import that as an image?

Yes Dave, but nothing appears

Can you share the image file?