How can I "import" into SketchUp Pro a vector drawing from illustrator?

To test I’ve been using the chick that appears at the center when you open a new doc in SketchUp…
Open it in illustrator and then save in it.

Also just used squares and circles … nothing complicated

What file type are you opening in Illustrator?

I’m confused, and what you’re describing doesn’t make much sense. Do you know how to use and apply textures in sketchup? I would start there at the beginning if I were you.

If you want help you’re going to have to be clearer and include files and screenshots.

So I drew a box and a circle in Illustrator, exported as a .dxf, imported that into SU, saved that as an .skp, exported that as a .eps, opened that in Illustrator and saved that as a.pdf for all to see. Kinda works . . . ! What am I missing? (155.3 KB) test-1.dxf (34.1 KB) girl from SU to Illustrator.pdf (92.7 KB) girl.eps (84.3 KB)

Sorry - forgot to include this . . . girl with Illustrator imported rectangle and circle.skp (116.7 KB)

Seems to me that you are making this way to complicated - as well as confusing every one! If you are wanting to build a room and put some art on the walls it is pretty simple. First build your room in SU, then import your images and stick them on the wall. (just drag them from your desk top - or where ever they are - in to SU. You can’t loose them!). If you are creating your images in Ai, export them as Jpeg or png. Make sure you explode your images after importing them, then group them - and place them a few mm off the wall so you don’t get any z fighting.