Help me with linework!


I have the free version of SketchUp Make 2106. I want to import lines from AI but cannot figure out how to do it. HOW DO I DO IT? So frustrated. Thanks. Happy Holidays.



Try saving the Illustrator file as an image file (jpg, png, tiff) or as a pdf. Set the resolution high when you do the save–something like 300 dpi. Then import the saved file into SketchUp; when you import, be sure to check Use as Image for the import.
Hope this helps.


As David wrote, export from AI as an image and import that into SketchUp. Since you are using the Windows version, you won’t have an option to import PDF into SketchUp but the other image file options are do-able. Then you can trace the image to create edges in SketchUp.


Nothing. Nothing I do make the lines themselves editable. It always comes in with a “backround” I just want the lines so I can push/pull.


In illustrator you need to export the artwork as dxf/dwg, then that will import to SU as editable lines.

once the lines are in SU you will need to manually join two endpoints (trace over) with the pen to create a face you can push pull, or right click and use “make face” (cant remember if “make face” is built into SU or is a plugin, if its a plugin you can get it for free I think.


This holds True in the Pro version—but I don’t think it’s available in SU Make. . . and hasn’t been been for a while now.

[quote=“Blasto, post:4, topic:36142, full:true”]
Nothing. Nothing I do make the lines themselves editable.[/quote]

You need to trace in your outlines (as @DaveR suggested above) . . . OR, find a way import dxf files into SU Make, maybe there is a plugin that’s available to bring that old functionality back into the free version of SU.

But even having imported outlines doesn’t automatically generate a face in SU, and you need the face in order to use the push/pull tool.

So until you solve the dxf import barrier:

Place your imported image into a group and lock it. Then turn on the transparency settings… and give the tracing approach a try. I doesn’t typically take that long to do. . . But maybe I wouldn’t have said that—had I seen a sample of what you’re working with.


As was pointed out, you would need to have a vector out put from AI such as DXF to import into SketchUp. DXF import is not available in SketchUp Make. You would need SketchUp Pro.


If a less than perfect import would be useful, you could try this free DXF import plugin from the Sketchucation Plugin Store: If you can export to DXF directly from your CAD program, that might work.

Or there are I believe free DWG to DXF converters - though I don’t know of any specific ones, I’ve just read that they exist.

I’ve no direct experience of using FreeDXF.


Autodesk’s free DWG Trueview can, besides viewing DWG and DXF files, also convert between different older AutoCad versions.