Import *.ai into SketchUp Make 2017



Hi all,
is there any solution like a great plugin for sketchup make 2017 to import a *.ai file format or any format which you can export by adobe illustrator? The goal is to import a figure from Illustrator and extrude it in Sketchup. Thanks for any help.


Illustrator can export DXF and DWG. Either of those should import into SketchUp Pro.


The OP sent me a PM a few hours ago asking me to import the files for SU2017 Make for him. I told him I would do it but he has not replied to me yet.


Interesting. His profile says he uses SketchUp Pro.


Sorry Guys, I just worked with SU Pro as the Trial Version.
For further exercises I am interested how I can do what I am asked for without SU Pro.

Any ideas?


Currently the Extension Warehouse isn’t working, and support staff are away until Jan 2nd. Meanwhile, in there is this extension:

It has a video demo but no documentation. From the description it ought to be able to import DXF.


A quote from the author regarding gkware_simple_dxf: