Import .ai or .eps file from Illustrator



Hello, how I can import .ai ou .eps file from adobe illustrator software ?
Some tip and tricks ?


There are converters to convert eps files to dxf. You can then import the dxf vector file.


thx ! What is the best type of dxf file to do this ? 2010, 2012…etc ? It’s only working with sketchup pro, no ?


I don’t know that it makes a whole lot of difference.

SketchUp Pro has DXF import capability. Make does not.


ok thx so it means I must buy pro version… grrrrr


What is your project? I would offer to import one DXF for you to get you going.


it’s a contest to make a cup for a homoristic trophee… but I have two think to make… one logo and one illustration that I draw…


Send me one of your files via PM and I’ll take a look.


I don’t see where is your PM… My mail


I’ll e-mail you shortly.


Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and the free Inkscape can all export DWG or DXF files that SketchUp Pro can import directly.



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