Importing a cad file into sketchup

I have a quick question. I am a pro subscriber and never had to deal with the option of not being able to import .dwg plans. I was wondering if there were any ways for people that do not have pro to import cad files. I know you can do it by using the landfx plugin, but what about people that do not have landfx either? I am not asking for myself I am just curious for all the other people that do not have either how they can import .dwg files into sketchup. Do they really have to bring in the pdf and trace over the plans? Like I said just curious. I understand that this is the benefit for using pro.

There are some plugins to import DXF (text version of DWG) into SketchUp Make.

I am right to say that there are ways to bring in the files using extensions. I dont want to say something that is totally false to people learning how to use sketchup.

Some of those file types can be imported to SketchUp Make with extensions. Generally those are the sorts of files a hobbyist would not need to import, though.

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