I am trying to make a logo from illustrator



I have created a logo in Illustrator, exported as dxf and dwg, then imported it to sketchup. I am having trouble making it appear as an actual shape that i could push/pull, i draw a square around it but it does not catch it. There are parts of it that are disconnected lines so i connected them but still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.



After drawing the rectangle around your imported .dxf file… select everything and make it into a group… Then use the explode command to ungroup it again—and that should get SU to intersect the edges with the rectangles face.

Alternatively, you could also run the intersection command upon everything. OR, delete a straight line segment from your imported edges and then redraw it back in. […both of these should goad SU into generating a new face to correspond to the edges in place. ]

If none of this works, please post up your SU file so we can take a closer look at where things stand.


ARTYS-LOGO.skp (436.9 KB)

Artys logo5.pdf (820.1 KB)

I tried and tried but no luck. I have uploaded the sketchup file and pdf of how it looked when importing it through illustrator. Thanks for your help.


Here’s an alternative solution–one involving duplicate work. Save the Illustrator file as a PDF or a JPG file and import it as an image into SketchUp. Then use the Line and Arc tools to trace over the lines in the PDF. If the logo includes type, you may be able to use SketchUp’s 3D text tool to place the type in the proper place.
As JimD says, post your SU file so others can diagnose your problem correctly.



The import comes with nested groups already created, so you’ll have to start off by exploding them, or diving into their respective edit modes and working from within there.

It’s probably good to keep the coffee cup isolated into it’s own group so that it doesn’t interact with the other line work of the face drawing.

In a couple of areas, I think you could stand to simplify, or commit to a singular outline to define the shapes involved. . . The loose/scratchy feel of some sections is going to create issues with how sketchUp wants to treat those areas as individual elements (i.e. as a unique set of edges and faces)… albeit at the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture of a stylized face illustration.


Triple click on a closed curve will select a complete element from your .dxf import
Use the S4U MAKE FACE plugin

Will create a a face that you can extrude.


Had a look at your .pdf file …

It needs serious cleaning up for overlapping lines etc. You can see the DOUBLE line in the eyeglasses line. Also remove unnecessary oval shape near nose before exporting

Also text need to be converted to outline and add some anchor points to the text character paths



Draw a nice big rectangle around everything, select all, press the ‘weight’ button. Should flatten everything like butter.


Another option could be - just draw your logo in SketchUp, export an EPS to illustrator. Illustrator drawings are too loose for DXF parses.


Logos are mostly NOT CREATED by us 3D modellers. They have already been created before the 3D modelling process is initiated so creating them afresh in SU is not an easy option.

2D graphics IMPORT of external 2D Vector art that is accurate enough has always been a SU bugbear since forever …