Importing Illustrater vectors into Sketchup 7.1 Pro (Eval)


Hi, I am a SU beginner. I’m trying to import Illustrator vector shapes into SU 7.1 Pro (Eval). I’m able to import the shapes, but I don’t seem to be able to add a face or extrude the shape. SU doesn’t seem to recognize the vector for some reason. I’m sure that I’ve missed some fundamental step with this. Help!


Can you share a file for us to look at?


LETTER S.skp (13.5 KB)
Hi–I exported this from an Illustrator file as a dxf.


What method did you use? If you exported from Illustrator to DWG or DXF and imported that, it might be about the size. If your import is very small and contains very short line segments, SketchUp might not be able to create a face between them. You could try importing using a large import unit like Meters or Feet (the settings are behind the Options button on the Import File dialog box. If you used some other “between” format like PDF, what you might get into SketchUp might consist of a raster image, not vector lines.



You posted while I was typing my answer. I had no difficulties adding a face to your letter. Note that it is a component and that you must open it for editing and redraw an edge for the face to form.



Thanks–I’ll try that


My free trial period with Sketchup 7.1 Pro just ended, and it reverted to the free version. It appears that I can no longer import DXF files—is there a solution?


There are some extensions to import DXF into Make, but I doubt that any of them will run correctly on such an old version of SU. Much has changed in the seven major versions since 7.1!


yep, here.