Illustrator to SU

Hi everybody!

I use adobe illustrator to do my vectors. I like typography and I want to use SU for 3D.
After done the lettering I export in .dxf file and SU read it but I can’t push/pool it…I see this:

How I can edit my vector in SU and transform it in 3D?


You have to close the faces. Draw a line across the “T” and it should create a surface that you can push/pull

By the looks there Is no face inside the letter. Select the line tool and draw from one side to the other, a face should be created. Select the line and delete it, then push pull the face upwards.

Ad beat me…

Added: When you import dxf, you often have to create faces to make 3d objects as in this case. If you are going to be doing a lot of this, I believe there is a plugin called “MakeFaces” or similar that can help with the process.
Someone might chime in to confirm?

SOLVED thanks!

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