Logo from Adobe Illustrator, as a DXF cannot Push/Pull it


I import a logo from Adobe Illustrator, as a DXF that I import into Sketch up 2017,
but I cannot extrude it (push/pull it). Any ideas why, this is really all I need sketch up for is to work with making logos for a 3D printer.

Thank You


I expect you haven’t any faces to extrude after importing the DXF. Or it’s a group/component and you aren’t opening it for editing. We could tell you exactly without guessing if you shared the SKP file.


2 possible options:

  1. the imported geometry may only be linework. If so, you will want to make surfaces out of the linework. Once surfaces have been created, you can use the push/pull tool to extrude it.

  2. There is a good chance that it has come into SketchUp as a component or group. Either explode the group/component or enter Edit Group/Component mode. This will give you access to the raw geometry.



I tried a test, thinking too that it would be a group, but my Illustrator squiggles came in as lines. In one case I was able to make it be a face by redrawing one of the line segments, but in a more complicated squiggle that didn’t work. Not sure why.

Anyway, assuming it’s not a group, try using the line tool to draw over an existing line.


Thx, How do I make surfaces out of the lines/logo?


Try first redrawing one of the edges (“lines”). If they form a closed loop, SketchUp should create a face.



didnt work.


Why don’t you share the SKP file as I asked before? Then we wouldn’t have to keep guessing at why you are having problems. It would save both us and you time.


Dig-Testing.skp (1.2 MB)

here is the SKP file…


You need to open the component for editing before tracing the edges. The stroke of the i and “Leather Co” are components nested inside the larger component, you could explode them.

And there’s no point in keeping the Build Volume component. It just bloats the file.


I thought I did all; that…sorry I am new here


ALthough I have used autocad and 3D studio mAx before I dont get this…any chance you could pint form the steps…thx SO Much!


That was Point Form


When I get home from work I can do that.


Thx Dave


Select and delete the Makerbot Replicator. It isn’t useful.

Open the logo component for editing. Explode the nested components shown selected, above.

Use the Line Tool to trace edge segments on each letter. This will create the required faces The A, R, and O will fill in as shown above.

Select all of the geometry for the A, R, and O. Right click and use Intersect Faces>With Selection. The edges surrounding the openings will convert from profile edges to normal edges.

Select the faces inside the opening in those letters and delete them.

Use Push/Pull to extrude the faces upward. Select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Soften/Smooth. Tick the box for Soften Coplanar. Click outside the component box to close the component.


Thanks Dave,
Just 1 last question…
Is it not possible to select and extrude (pull push) all of the geometry/letters at once?
Or else enter the actual measurement for each one while extruding?


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Push/Pull only works on one face at a time. I can think of at least one plugin that might do them all at once but I would suggest you get proficient with the native tools first.


Pushpull one, then double click the rest to repeat the same distance.